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It was a day filled with surprises. Melissa and Beau’s guest list of their nearest and dearest thought they were attending their engagement party only to discover shortly after that it was a surprise wedding- even the bridesmaids and groomsmen weren’t in on the surprise until two days before!

The engagement party proceeded with the usual meet and greet and congratulatory hugs. Ever so subtly, the bridal party disappeared into a secret room behind the bar.  The bride Melissa casually left her conversation with another guest by saying ‘I’ve just got to get my phone.’ Within minutes, the entire bridal party were changed into their outfits in a flurry. The guests were stunned as the whirlwind took place right before them; red carpet was laid out, music cued and the bridal party walked down the ‘aisle.’ The ceremony was filled with laughter, excitement and tears of joy from all who watched on. The day reflected the couple perfectly – lots of laughs, down to earth and a little bit of cheekiness, all while surrounded by the love of family and friends.

BUT the surprises didn’t end there – in her speech, their daughter announced to the guests that they were also expecting a baby to add to their beautiful family of four. Even WE were surprised! There wasn’t a dry eye in the place and were were positively excited to capture their day.

Love, Karen and Sarah xo

Location: Anglers Tavern, Maribyrnong.