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Sarah-134Thank you for looking at my website and I hope you like what you have seen so far. You can find out a bit more about me on this page.

I’m a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I have always loved photographing people ever since I can remember. Looking back on my favourite pictures, they are usually the ones of people in unguarded moments of laughter, love and happiness. Not staged, just natural and photographed in exactly the way that it happened.

I have the same approach to my wedding photography.


Why weddings?

I was waiting for a flight at Vienna airport a while ago, and paying close attention to all of the people around me. I noticed that at an airport in a very small amount of time, one can observe a wide range of emotions from others – happiness, joy, anticipation, moments of quiet contemplation, heartfelt hugs and elation. To me, weddings are much the same.

I never knew wedding photography could actually be cool until a few years ago. The words ‘wedding photography’ used to reek of soft focus, cheesy poses and photos on an angle. When I discovered documentary-style wedding photography, I saw an opportunity to create images that capture raw emotions and personalities to tell a story. Each wedding I shoot is its own project and takes on a distinct style, developed through the relationships I build with my clients.

I do it because I love to tell a good story. Simple as that. I love to learn about your story, what is specific to you and what you treasure most. I document the day as I see it, as it happens, but also manage to blend in all of these lovely little details to create wedding photographs that are honest, timeless and speak about you.

The finer details

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Photography) from Victorian College of the Arts in 2002. Since then, I have worked as a portrait photographer for commercial studios based in Melbourne. I am now a freelance wedding photographer and have photographed weddings in UK and Australia. My wedding and portrait work has been featured on international wedding blogs and in nation-wide publications.


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