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I love flowers. My grandmother however, did not. She used to tell me not to buy her flowers because they made her sad, and because she couldn’t stand watching them die. Her name was Daisy, too. White daisies are my favourite.

What’s worse than watching flowers die in a vase? An abundance of flowers being dumped into a garbage bag the day after a wedding. I saw this happen recently and I was shocked. But it also gave me a great idea.

Y&M flowers-1

At the time that this happened, I was also frequently visiting my ailing grandfather in hospital. I would pick some daisies from my garden to bring and put them in a glass of water next to his bed. The hospital room was completely bare, and I think he loved to see the colour. He was very much an outside person, so I would always try to bring the outside in. One day I forgot to bring some flowers, so I fossicked around the hospital garden beds to snatch a handful of rosemary, marigolds, whatever I could find to brighten up his room. I think the hospital staff thought I was bonkers.

So, before I shoot a wedding I always visit the locations and venues to familiarise myself before the big day. I was visiting a particular Melbourne venue on my way to seeing him when I saw this atrocity occur. Large fresh flower centrepieces and tall vases of the most beautiful white single stem roses, lilacs, foxgloves and lilies stuffed into green garbage bags, ready for the bin. I asked the woman whose flowers they were.

‘Oh they were left behind from the wedding last night,’ she politely replied as she snapped the last of the stems over her knee to fit them into the bags. ‘They never come back for them.’


Flowers aren’t cheap, especially when they have the word ‘wedding’ attached to them. So why not share them with others? If you don’t bring your flowers home after the big day, wouldn’t it be a lovely idea to have them delivered to someone who needs a bit of colour in their room? And no, I’m not saying to prance into a random patient’s hospital room twirling flowers and singing songs from The Sound of Music soundtrack at the top of your lungs, but perhaps they could be left at reception for the staff to distribute. If you can’t think of anyone who could do this, jump on Airtasker and pay someone next to nothing to do it instead. Warm fuzzies all round, guaranteed. Just a thought.

Another alternative is to buy potted plants to use as your centrepieces. That way, at the end of the night people can take them home and plant in the garden to enjoy for years to come. That’s what I did at my wedding reception. I wrapped the pots in paper that matched our stationery and theme colours. Those plants are now thriving in people’s gardens in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. I still receive comments almost three years on about how lovely they are to have as they are a reminder of the night. You’ll never guess which plants they were.

White daisies.

Love, Sarah xo


I was thrilled when Emriye and Osman contacted me to photograph their engagement. Who wouldn’t want to capture these gorgeous things entering one of the most exciting times of their lives?!

Surrounded by their family and close friends, Emriye and Osman celebrated their engagement at Church 364 in Richmond. It was a relaxed, warm and charming atmosphere within the heritage building. The couple’s attention to every last little detail was admirable; from the personalised stationery, table arrangements, food, live music and even the heart-shaped cookies with their names imprinted on them, everything about this day was simple elegance.

I hope you can see how happy and beautiful these two are through their photos. To Emriye and Osman, I wish you all the best for your happily ever after.

Love, Sarah xo





Venue: Church 364 – 364 Church St., Richmond

Heart-shaped ‘Emriye & Osman’ biscuits: Bee’s Cakes



Fancy your wedding photography featuring a bit of history, an industrial feel with stunning city views as a backdrop? Yes please!

The Pumping Station is next to Scienceworks, situated in Spotswood, Melbourne’s inner west. The industrial charm of Melbourne’s western suburbs is certainly kept alive within the walls of these heritage buildings. What’s not to love about this place? The exposed brickwork, old boilers and engine room combined with the gorgeous textures and warm, earthy tones of 1900s corrugated iron, metal and wood provide a perfect backdrop for some truly unique wedding photography. The Pumping Station grounds also feature clear  views of the West Gate Bridge, Yarra River and Melbourne city skyline. The Boiler House and Engine Room are also available for hire for your wedding reception, making The Pumping Station a complete wedding venue, and an ideal site for natural and unique wedding photography. See more at: http://museumvictoria.com.au/scienceworks/venue-hire-events/pumping-station/










Photography © 2015 Sarah Capri Photography


These. Are. Divine.

A couple of weeks ago I met with the lovely Em from Candle Co. to shoot her latest collection of handmade soywax teacup candles. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the DELICIOUS aroma of vanilla bean and soy drifting through the room. So yum! Em’s custom made orders feature vintage teacups collected from near and far, filled with hand-poured soy wax and your choice of scent. Are you planning a vintage-inspired wedding? Then these would be PERFECT as table decorations or centrepieces, perhaps as a gift for the bridesmaids or as a bonbonniere for your guests. Her latest vintage teacup creations truly are beautiful and I had the privilege of spending an afternoon photographing them for her latest catalog. Here are some of her products below, photos by Sarah:

melbourne wedding photographermelbourne wedding photographermelbourne wedding photographermelbourne wedding photographermelbourne wedding photographermelbourne wedding photographermelbourne wedding photographer

Photographs © Sarah Capri Photography 2015


Candle Co. is based in Melbourne, Australia. Teacups and custom orders available through Etsy. Handmade with all natural products.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CandleCo1

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