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Looking out of my window today, I see overcast skies, wind and a smattering of rain. Melbourne’s summer is over, and I’m feeling a little bit ripped off. But I found a bit of sunshine today. While lamenting the passing of summer, my friend Laura and her fiancee are refusing to let it go.

They recently got engaged in Hawaii after running a marathon together, and celebrated their engagement here in Melbourne last night with a tropical and beach themed party. With pineapples and palm trees, their DIY decorations were super cute and came in at under $400 too! I also love the timeline idea.

Sending lots of sunshine, sand and coconut smells to you both,

Sarah xo

(photos courtesy of Laura)





9701860090_ce626204b9Image courtesy of wiissa  –  www.wiissa.com


I love keeping up with new and fresh ideas in photography, art and design. Even though I am a photographer specialising in weddings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will only look at wedding photography for inspiration. Quite the opposite, actually. Inspiration is everywhere if you have an open mind. Lately I have been following a few really cool photographers (not wedding!) – and they all happen to be in their teens or early twenties. Which got me thinking to when I was the same age.

As an art school student, I was waist-deep in the Melbourne arts scene. The week revolved around attending exhibition openings where I got to share ideas, talk art with many people and score free wine and food on any given weeknight (very handy for a poor uni student like myself). I exhibited in group shows in small, artist-run studios and galleries across Melbourne. It was a very exciting time, and certainly not because we were making any money. In fact, we used to spend more money on art and photography supplies each week than we did food.



Image courtesy of David Uzochukwu  –  www.daviduzochukwu.com


What was really exciting was how everyone fed off and inspired each other in some way. Ideas would develop through collaboration and sharing with like-minded souls. New takes on old art and fresh ideas constantly evolving within groups of people. Upcoming artists without fear and with massive determination.

I am still inspired and amazed at what young people are doing with art and photography these days. As a teacher, I learned very quickly to never underestimate the creativity of young people. And as an artist I know that it’s their ideas that inspire myself and many others out there. They encapsulate boundless creativity, uninhibited self-expression and raw energy – all of which I hope to never lose myself. And which I hope will pass on to others.

I found a great feature on Flickr called ’20 under 20′ showcasing some of these young people’s talents in photography. I hope you enjoy and maybe even find a new idea to explore for yourselves.

Sarah xo



Image courtesy of Katharina Jung  – http://www.indpndt-photoart.de/


Flickr feature here: https://www.flickr.com/20under20/


The design-nerd in me loves a good infographic and this one I particularly like. Did you know that 64% of your images stay on your camera/phone? Get printing people, and put those beautiful images up for everyone to see!

Sarah xo


SOURCE: http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/facebook-photos-shutterfly/365019


Melbsarah-capri-photographer-melbourne-ballarat-wedding-13urnians will probably read the title of this article and a) think that this is a trick question and b) roll their eyes, scoff and let out a cynical ‘pfft!’ And there’s good reason for that. From scorching hot sun, to strong winds and rain, Melbourne is notorious for sudden and extreme weather changes on any particular given day.

An article in our newspaper crossed my desk this week about how this year Melbourne has had the coldest summer spell in 65 years. This ‘summer’ has felt very strange to say the least. In January it was cold, raining and I was eating soup. And I don’t recall the last time I had to bring a jacket and brolly to the Australian Open either.

While reading the article, I gave a thought to the poor brides this summer who have organised gorgeous weddings at garden and beach locations, only to be anxiously watching the weather forecasts and fretting over their Plan B for fear of heat and rain. It got me thinking about if there really is a good time in the year for an outdoor wedding in Melbourne. As rain is usually the most unwelcome guest to an outdoors occasion, I thought I would do a bit of research. And I was surprised by the results:

Melbourne mean rainfall (mm) to 2010:

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
40.1 43.8 37.6 43.7 39.5 39.9 35.1 45.7 46.9 54.0 62.6 48.4

 SOURCE: Bureau of Meteorology, Climate Statistics


sarah-capri-photographer-melbourne-ballarat-wedding-97According to the statistics above, the month with the most rainfall in Melbourne is November – right in the middle of wedding season! And the least amount of rainfall is…July? IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER?!

Believe it. I’ve worked with many brides who have made a mad last-minute dash organising gazebos and umbrellas, only for the elusive Melbourne sun to appear after all.


So is there an ideal time for an outdoor wedding in Melbourne? Not really.  You can calculate rainfall averages, days of rainfall per month and mean temperatures but at the end of the day, you can never predict what Melbourne weather has in store.

My advice? For outdoor weddings in Melbourne, always have a back-up plan in mind to ease any stress you might be feeling about the weather. Ultimately the weather shouldn’t spoil your day. Rather, think of the weather as another guest who may even add layers to your story for years to come. Especially if that guest is unique and likes steaming hot chicken noodle soup on a summer’s day.

Sarah xo


What a year it has been! Starting off a new year is the perfect time for reflection, which is what I have been doing plenty of lately. It can be too easy to feel overwhelmed about work that needs to be done, things that need improving or changes that need to be made. Instead, when I think of what has been achieved it certainly surprises me! In the space of less than a year, we have  – created and launched a website, built up a Facebook page and created Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts, rebranded our logo and design, been published on wedding blogs across the world – not to mention being busy shooting weddings! Here are some of my favourite photos from weddings that we have shot this year, each with its own little story.

Sarah xo



<< In the church at Lil & Terence’s wedding, when his grandmother noticed that he had put the wedding ring on  Lil’s wrong hand. She certainly didn’t miss it!!! 





>>At Melissa and Beau’s surprise wedding, this was the very moment when their daughter announced to the crowd that they were also expecting a baby. I especially love the look from the guy with the camera!




<<Newlyweds Jessica and Anthony on the main street of Ballarat receiving plenty of honks from well-wishing drivers.






 >>Another one from Melissa and Beau’s surprise wedding. Enough said!






<<Lil has a huge laugh and is one of the funniest people I know. There is no other way to explain this photo from her wedding other than saying that this is ‘just her.’





>>Massive fist pump by Edie and Rob in the gardens after their wedding. 




As you can see, we have that much fun while working on a wedding that it doesn’t even feel like work at all. As we keep up being busy bees at camp SCP, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect and ultimately say thank you for supporting us on our wild ride in the exciting world of wedding photography.

Love, Sarah and Karen xo