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When to have an outdoor wedding in Melbourne?

Melbsarah-capri-photographer-melbourne-ballarat-wedding-13urnians will probably read the title of this article and a) think that this is a trick question and b) roll their eyes, scoff and let out a cynical ‘pfft!’ And there’s good reason for that. From scorching hot sun, to strong winds and rain, Melbourne is notorious for sudden and extreme weather changes on any particular given day.

An article in our newspaper crossed my desk this week about how this year Melbourne has had the coldest summer spell in 65 years. This ‘summer’ has felt very strange to say the least. In January it was cold, raining and I was eating soup. And I don’t recall the last time I had to bring a jacket and brolly to the Australian Open either.

While reading the article, I gave a thought to the poor brides this summer who have organised gorgeous weddings at garden and beach locations, only to be anxiously watching the weather forecasts and fretting over their Plan B for fear of heat and rain. It got me thinking about if there really is a good time in the year for an outdoor wedding in Melbourne. As rain is usually the most unwelcome guest to an outdoors occasion, I thought I would do a bit of research. And I was surprised by the results:

Melbourne mean rainfall (mm) to 2010:

Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
40.1 43.8 37.6 43.7 39.5 39.9 35.1 45.7 46.9 54.0 62.6 48.4

 SOURCE: Bureau of Meteorology, Climate Statistics


sarah-capri-photographer-melbourne-ballarat-wedding-97According to the statistics above, the month with the most rainfall in Melbourne is November – right in the middle of wedding season! And the least amount of rainfall is…July? IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER?!

Believe it. I’ve worked with many brides who have made a mad last-minute dash organising gazebos and umbrellas, only for the elusive Melbourne sun to appear after all.


So is there an ideal time for an outdoor wedding in Melbourne? Not really.  You can calculate rainfall averages, days of rainfall per month and mean temperatures but at the end of the day, you can never predict what Melbourne weather has in store.

My advice? For outdoor weddings in Melbourne, always have a back-up plan in mind to ease any stress you might be feeling about the weather. Ultimately the weather shouldn’t spoil your day. Rather, think of the weather as another guest who may even add layers to your story for years to come. Especially if that guest is unique and likes steaming hot chicken noodle soup on a summer’s day.

Sarah xo